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Appreciation and Updates

As I am sitting here looking towards the latter half of September- I am quite in awe of life at this point. I am trying to organize and plan and prepare for at least the near future (6 months). This includes spending quality time with my family over the holidays, seeing 25+ clients per week, added to trips to St. Louis, Missouri,  Houston, Texas, and West Palm Beach, Florida. I am very humbled by these opportunities. Ahead are chances to grow, learn, explore and share in more positive stories of change in people's lives.


My October schedule has been opened and is more than half full already! I have been fortunate to still be able to take on new clients who need help and maintain my regular clients at the same time.


I am gearing up to enjoy and celebrate fall- who doesn't enjoy the beautiful show that the trees display in Michigan this time of year? While I am not a fan of cooler weather, I do love bonfires! The kids are planning our yearly trip to the apple orchard- I am hoping that with the early blooms and late frosts they won't be too disappointed!


The experiences of several clients lately have been truly amazing and I have felt honored to be a part of them. Daily incapacitating headaches that disappeared, anxiety that just disappated, stress that felt alleviated. Chronic pain that subsided, No movement that became agile. These are just a tiny few examples. 


It is safe to assure you that I love what I am able to be a part of, each and everyday! 


~Christina :)




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