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Spring Is Almost Here!

I apologize for not updating this blog in a while! There have been many things going on and plenty of clients to attend to!


That has been the biggest challenge thus far- figuring out an even balance that allows me to take care of you and still find some time to take care of me and my kids! I think we are settling into a better routine now.


I got home from St. Louis last weekend after 4 days of working on clients. We were hit by about a foot of snowfall! There were many HUGE changes for people during their sessions- I am always so humbled by the experiences others have from this work that I help facilitate!


This coming weekend is another first for me- Andrew Given (massage therapist with Craniosacral training plus some other amazing talents!) is coming into town from the Chicago area to do multi-hand sessions with my clients with me. Considering how fast these 20 spots filled up, I am sure there will be another round in the works soon!


Life has been full speed ahead, but I have stopped to enjoy the sunshine when it decides to show itself! :) Have a blessed week!



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