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The Season of Giving Back!

As Christmas is fast approaching, I have found that this year I am avoiding the gift purchases, and finding ways to donate and give to people and places that will reach places far more beneficial than one more "trinket" to have to take care of, and eventually get rid of.


My children volunteered over $300 of my budget for their Christmas gifts to go to a girl in Africa that we sponser, Gentille, and her family. It will provide clean water for their use, new clothes, food and medical care. Things we totally take for granted here! I was proud of them for this decision!


At the Next Level Salon, (my Pewamo location) instead of the gift exchange we normally do, we all chipped in that money and "adopted" a family for Christmas, so they will have warm coats and gloves, plus a toy they may never get otherwise!


I have donated money to several random organaziations and through my youngest son's Cubscout pack (my husband Frank is the Cubmaster) they collected and donated much needed material items to a local temporary housing shelter- The Haven House. (It is amazing how many things you can find that other people really need, and you don't, when you look!)


I have been looking for that "place" I fit in, to give back, as I have been so thoroughly blessed in the year 2012. So something is coming down the line...I guess 2013 will be the magic year to make that happen!


Thank you all for your support, your encouragement, and your compassion. It has not gone unnoticed and I am so very grateful and happy to have the clients that I do! :) You are all special to me!



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