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What has got you down?

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression from too much stress that you can't seem to handle on your own? Do you want to avoid the option of taking medicine daily to "control" the symptoms? This may be a great alternative for you! 


An integrated massage therapy session with me and my ability to see around an issue can help you manage these and many other feelings that can trap and overwhelm you! After a session, you will feel more balanced, more in control of your own perspective, and possibly find energy you probably haven't felt in a while!


Many of my clients comment on how coming to a massage therapist is a source of anxiety on it's own. A bad past experience, conflicting feelings on taking care of themselves, and not being sure of what to expect are a few of these reasons. Let me introduce you to my view:


My simple approach to massage therapy is that it should not hurt.


Especially if you are already in chronic pain, I do not want to make you want to crawl off the table, or worse, be in pain for endless days after a session. Helping people is a passion of mine- I always come at a problem with the utmost care and concern. And you feeling positive results from our session is my priority and goal!


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