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Below are words from past and current clients: if you have something you would like to add- please send your testimonial to:

"I originally began going to Christina for help with continuous shoulder pain. She has a great awareness of the body and understands how to promote healing within. Her pleasant and calm personality make you feel at ease. Christina has always met my needs physically and for relaxation. I would recommend Christina to anyone who is looking for a very knowledgeable, professional and caring massage therapist."

D. P. Westphalia, MI

"I became a client of Christina's when I was about 14 weeks pregnant with my daughter. The headaches and pain going from my back to my legs was pretty intense and I was beginning to wonder how severe the pain was going to be further into my pregnancy. Luckily I found Christina!! Even though she was just beginning her schooling at the time, she was able to help control my headaches and back/leg pain. It's amazing how receptive my daughter is to Christina's energy. Reflux was an issue for my daughter, but Christina was able to help manage the reflux so she didn't have to take any medication!! My daughter and I are both blessed to have Christina in our lives!!!"

J. S. Fowler, MI

"I wasn't sure what to expect when Christina offered to help me. For one thing, she knew nothing about me and yet that couldn't be further from the truth. I had spoken to her for about 10 minutes and somehow she knew where I was "hurt" without ever saying a word. That in itself made me feel pretty confident Christina could help me and she didn't let me down. My session with Christina changed and helped to heal me. Each day as I end my day, I remind myself of that gift and am in awe of it. I would recommend Christina to everyone. She has an incredible gift, - one she uses to help heal those around her. Her gift allows her to help even when her client cannot explain their source of hurt. The likelihood of meeting someone with her talent and her compassion in their lifetime is incredibly rare. I am so thankful I had this opportunity. My word of advice…take advantage while you have the chance!"

J.K. St. Louis, MO

"Christina is an amazing therapist. After dealing with pain in my lumbar and hip region for months, she was able to dispel the pain completely in one session, a rare feat for any therapist.

My husband is a strong man with a very tight back. Despite Christina's petite build, she was able to handle the issues he was having! As an energy therapist and instructor, I can assure anyone who works with her that they will have a great experience."

C.F Troy, MI

"Having claimed myself as a 'spa junkie' I've had well over 100s of massages around the country from a variety of therapists claiming that they can help me with my back pain, among other ailments. After feeling what Christina can do, I should have never paid any of the other therapists, because their claims were not true. Christina is BY FAR THE BEST massage therapist that has laid hands on me! She intuitivly knows where my body needs pressure/energy/manipulating/heat/cold to help align my muscles and energy back into place. The energy she sends is surrounded by love and happiness. (the only way to understand this is to experience it for yourself.) She truely is gifted and talented...LOVE HER!! :)"

P.D. Tecumseh, MI

"Christina was able to work on my shoulder that I had injured a few years before and was able to relieve the pain and restore mobility in my shoulder and arm. Remarkably in one session! Truly amazing!

I look forward to my next session. She is able to feel where you need help. She is very gifted!"

J.S. Sunfield, MI

"Christina Lance has been a virtual miracle worker in my life. For

decades I have suffered pulled ribs, sore shoulder and neck muscles

from stress, and recently an overworked arm and shoulder that finally

refused to work. I hurt so badly that something as simple as putting

a shirt or coat on was almost impossible. I saw a chiropractor several

times a month to put my ribs back into place, only to have them pop

right out again. Since Christina has been working to relax and retrain

my muscles, I now seldom need to visit the chiropractor. My ribs stay

where they’re meant to be.

Christina began working on me in January and now, seven months later,

she has worked calcium deposits, active and inactive trigger points out

of my muscles, turned muscles that literally felt like bone back into soft,

pliable, functioning muscles.

Christina has an innate sense of the body that many would need years to

learn, if ever. She truly has a gift and has used this gift to heal my body.

I am very blessed and grateful to have found someone as knowledgeable

and caring as Christina."

J.P. Westphalia, MI

"The best massage I have ever gotten. Christina pays very close attention to any issues you may be having and does a great job working on them. A very calming and relaxing experience I cant wait to do again soon!"

S.P. Howell, MI

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